SASOHN Gauteng Central Managers Breakfast

The South African Society of Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners, Gauteng Central Branch (SASOHNGC) hosted the second Managers Breakfast event on 10 April. The theme was Marketing the Occupational Health Clinic and the meeting was well attended by SASOHN members in the Gauteng Region and their managers.

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The motivational speaker for the event, Mr Mokoena, Director of Koena Konsulting, started by asking the audience, “How do we define our services?” This definition is largely based on perceptions that differ from one person to another. Traditionally, nurses are viewed as clinical people who administer medication. They are challenged to change that perception by adding value to the company. This should be evidenced in their regular reports, reduced absenteeism rates in the company, and reduced employee occupational injury and disease loss time.  Wellness programmes that focus on keeping employees healthy and managing those who are unwell back to health, thereby increasing productivity and the bottom-line of the company, are core to changing value perceptions.

Mr Mokoena referred SASOHN members to the customer perception ladder and the ladder of customer loyalty. How you sell your product or service is what keeps your customer, and not the price. If the product or service is valuable, customers tend to disregard the price. Mr Mokoena  outlined the key attributes required, viz. being  assertive, being restless and inquisitive, taking risks, engaging in continuous learning, exploring persistently, providing excellent service, and being achievement orientated, unusual and persevering. He wrapped up the presentation with a look at the RACI Model that is used to set clear expectations regarding assigned roles and responsibilities for tasks in producing a worthy service during organisational change:

R – Responsible: work and complete the task
A – Accountable: delegates work but review
C – Consulted: consulting parties
I – Informed: communication all the time

At the end of the presentation, one of SASOHN’s honorary members shared the success story of Sr Moratoe Sehlolo, who influenced her company positively through the early detection of six workers who were potentially developing occupational dermatitis. Sr Sehlolo implemented some basic prevention strategies with the team, reducing the risk and saving the company thousands of Rands in averted occupational disease claims.

SASOHN Gauteng Central Branch thanked Amtronix who generously contributed R4 500 to the event, and to the Technilamp team who sponsored the breakfast to the amount of R1 500. The two companies further pledged R1 000 and R200, respectively, towards the regional social responsibility projects. 

Report by:
Andiswa Bombil
Regional Educational Representative
Gauteng Central Region

The Amtronix team generously supported the event Photograph: AD Butkovic

Sr Andiswa Bombil and Sr Sarah Sibeko (retiree) from SAA, enjoying breakfast Photograph: AD Butkovic

The SASOHNGC Managers Breakfast, held on 10 April 2019, was well attended by SASOHN members and guests Photograph: AD Butkovic

The EIFA exhibit stand, visited by Yvonne van Zyl Photograph: AD Butkovic

Sr Felicia van Niekerk with her manager and OHN enjoying breakfast 
Photograph: AD Butkovic

The Kendon exhibit stand, visited by Belinda Walters-Girout (SASOHN secretary) Photograph: AD Butkovic

Sr Miemie Waterson and Sr Sanet Jones enjoying breakfast with their managers Photograph: Andiswa Bombil

Sr Sue Martinuzzi enjoying breakfast with her manager Photograph: AD Butkovic



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