Breastlight helps detect breast abnormalities early


Varying statistics state that one in 29, one in 26, or one in nine women who reside in urban areas will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Irrespective of what the actual statistic is, it is clear that women are at high risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Diagnosing breast cancer at an early stage, before it has had the opportunity to spread outside of the breast tissue, is key to achieving a greater than 99% five-year survival rate.

Breastlight is a simple, safe, cost-effective and easy-to-use handheld device that can be used in the workplace to assist in the early detection of breast abnormalities, which may or may not be cancerous. It is not a diagnostic device and neither is it a replacement for annual or two-yearly mammograms. It is simply a device to be used in the periods between one mammogram and the next. By affording you an inner view of the breast, it assists in the early detection of breast abnormalities.

Currently, women should be performing a monthly ‘self-feel breast examination’ during the periods between mammograms. This ‘feel’ examination is not always successful in detecting an abnormality due to variations in the breast tissue density, the size of the breast, or the size of the abnormality etc. The Breastlight device enhances the ‘self-feel examination’ by giving you an internal view of the breast and ‘showing’ possible areas of concern. Shadowy or dark spots that are detected should be followed up by visiting a medical professional for diagnosis. Breastlight detects abnormalities as small as 7 mm.

Manufactured in the UK, Breastlight is successfully retailed in 67 countries and Medloyd Healthcare is the official importer and distributor for South Africa. Contact our offices to arrange a Breastlight ‘screening’ day for your women employees, or alternatively, enquire about purchasing a device for in-house use by your occupational health department. Full training is provided.

View a demonstration video, clinical trials, etc. by visiting our dedicated Breastlight website or and follow the link.


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