How does Gloves In A Bottle work?

In a nutshell, Gloves In A Bottle is an all-in-one shielding and dry skin care lotion that ‘keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out’.

The technology associated with Gloves In A Bottle (GIAB) is totally opposite to that of an artificial, conventional moisturiser. When applied, GIAB attaches to the very outermost surface of the skin and creates a microscopic, web-like protective barrier. This barrier is totally undetectable and achieves the two key ­fundamentals relative to maintaining a healthy, vital skin in the workplace. It:

1. Locks out moisture-depleting irritants from penetrating the skin and removing the natural moisture, lipids and oil of the skin. These irritants include chemicals, solvents, resins, cement, petrochemical-related products, dirt, grease, grime, paint and alcohol-based scrub solutions etc.

2. Locks in the skin’s natural moisture and oils, allowing for deep-rooted and long-lasting nourishment through all seven major layers of the skin – from the inside out. The human body is naturally designed to function in this way.

It makes perfect sense that if we are able to prevent the loss of the skin’s natural moisture, lipids and oils, whilst simultaneously locking these in, the ideal platform is created for maintaining a healthy skin. Homeostasis is achieved. Our bodies consistently strive to achieve this in order to function optimally.

Artificial, conventional moisturisers offer no protective barrier, and any benefit that might be achieved when using this type of product is lost when washing the hands or body. Gloves In A Bottle does not wash off and a single application will last 4-12 hours and will endure multiple washes, even when using solvents or soaps. Gloves In A Bottle does not block the skin pores and continues to allow the skin to breathe and perspire naturally.

Using Gloves In A Bottle in your organisation is extremely cost-effective (+/- 25 cents an application) and minimises down time for those employees who experience severe adverse, work-related skin conditions.

It is available in 60 ml, 240 ml, or one gallon (3.78 L) pump bottles, wall dispensers with 800 ml sachets, and 50 gallon drums for larger corporates that wish to self-decant.

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