MMPA welcomes you to a greater 2019








This year, the Mine Medical Professionals Association (MMPA) is focused on ramping up and delivering great value to its members. We are quite ambitious in our goals on a number of fronts. We will work aggressively to reach out to more medical professionals in South Africa and to grow our membership, and we aim to become more visible as an organisation. To this end, we will be leveraging more on digital platforms, including social media, to increase visibility and raise awareness about the activities of the MMPA. We will continue building momentum on what we achieved in 2018. As we grow, we will learn from our mistakes and apply lessons learnt to have a more successful year.

We held a number of symposiums in 2018, and strongly believe that we can increase attendance of these events. We will continue the quarterly symposiums and have our Annual Congress later this year. In addition, the MMPA will co-host the OSHAfrica 2019 conference. We aim to have a beautiful and eventful 2019.


In summary, the year 2019 is the year of GREATER!

GREATER visibility

GREATER awareness

GREATER membership



Report by: Dr Nothando Moyo-Mubayiwa

                                       MMPA President

MMPA Secretary:

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