Report from SAIOH President and Council Members


SAIOH Strategic Planning Session – February 2018

February has been a busy month for the Southern African Institute for Occupational Hygiene (SAIOH) Council. As well as our normal Council meeting, we held a strategic planning session which was very well attended by your representatives on Council, allowing many varied and important projects to be considered. The session revealed that the Presidents and their respective Councils of the past three years really embraced the strategic goals set in 2015, with between 40% and 90% completion of the past three years’ objectives. Finalising these objectives is ongoing with management, and priorities have been set to attain full delivery.

The session allowed us to relook at the southern African marketplace and our own SAIOH membership demographics, and informed the realignment of our objectives to better serve all stakeholders. We are able to announce a change in Council portfolios and several new projects which we hope will enhance our organisation and serve all stakeholders better.

The formation of a Mining Forum – this will aid SAIOH in better understanding the mining industry and the challenges faced by our mine-based members, and aims to improve support and development for these members. The Mining Forum is our key initiative for 2018; it will be chaired by Brian Mongoma, the recently nominated Vice Chair of the SAIOH Professional Certification Committee (PCC), ably supported by Cas Badenhorst – two wonderful champions.

SAIOH Council considers this initiative to be one of the most important developments in many years, and we are gearing to launch the forum formally at the 2018 SAIOH Annual Conference.

The SAIOH ethics, complaints and investigation procedures also take centre stage this year. This is an area where major changes were required, and we hope that the new streamlined system, presently in development under the ownership of Kenneth Hlungwane (Immediate Past President), Cas Badenhorst and Julie Hills, will allow us to ensure that non-compliances with regard to ethical practice and poor professional service delivery are fairly investigated and, more importantly, that offenders are suitably punished. A word of caution to our members – ensure that your professional service is above board!

The roll-out of the regional structure to enable SAIOH to serve members better across South Africa, and beyond our borders to neighbouring countries, will begin in earnest. It was decided that, due to the volume of work related to this and the need to replicate the system in all three regions, SAIOH will trial one region as a pilot. The learnings and outcomes can then be transferred as a workable system to the other two regions. This project will be managed by Norman Khoza and the present branch chairpersons; job descriptions for the Regional Coordinators have been drafted and the posts will be advertised soon.

The introduction of a new portfolio: Policy and Planning – under the ownership of the SAIOH President and Vice President. This portfolio will ensure that systems are developed and documented to ensure constant and quality management of SAIOH as a business concern, with tracked KPIs and deliverables. This will also encompass strict financial management to ensure that SAIOH offers value for money to its members.


Champagne Sports Resort in the central Drakensberg, venue for the 2018 SAIOH Annual Conference 



Planning for the 2018 Conference at Champagne Sports Resort in the central Drakensberg is forging ahead, and the KZN branch committee is working hard to develop the programme. This will be an exciting conference, with the stimulating theme: Raising the bar in Occupational Hygiene: Informed control reduces worker exposures.

Two excellent Professional Development Courses (PDCs) have been confirmed to date, where international experts in their respective fields of speciality will workshop important topics:

Draw card 1 – Practical measurement of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems, presented by Adrian Sims (UK), member of the Institute of LEV Engineers (ILEVE); the Institute is accredited for LEV design, and commissioning, testing and installation of LEV systems.

Adrian is the Managing Director of VENT-TECH and has presented British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) modules on the measurement of LEV systems proficiency training around the world. He is currently the only professional in the UK holding a Certificate of Competence in LEV and the BOHS’s Faculty of Occupational Hygiene’s Specialist Member Grade for LEV.

Draw card 2 – Practical noise control, presented by Dennis P. Driscoll (USA).

Dennis is the President and Principal Consultant of Associates in Acoustics Inc., and Past President of the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA); he is a registered Professional Engineer and a Board Certified Noise Control Engineer. Active in his field since 1980, his specialties in acoustics include measurement of equipment noise levels and employee noise exposures, the design of engineering controls, and environmental surveys. Dennis is one of the most popular PDC facilitators in the USA and presents this PDC annually due to the high demand!

SAIOH is considering the possibility of an additional PDC, and repeating the two PDCs which are already confirmed, should there be enough interest from our members; we will keep you posted on these initiatives via the SAIOH website and mail drops.

As already mentioned, the Conference will run for a day longer than usual, with the launch of the SAIOH Mining Forum. This will be a day of acknowledgement for our mine-based colleagues and the value they add to our profession. It is early days and we are still evaluating ideas for format and content, but SAIOH is pleased to announce that Anglo American will be sponsoring Brian Davies, a renowned Australian occupational hygienist working in the mining sector, to be the keynote presenter.

The conference draft programme is under development and will be announced within the next few months. Please save the dates of 23-26 October 2018 for the SAIOH flagship event of the year: PDCs (23 October); the launch of the SAIOH Mining Forum and associated activities, in parallel with a second offering of the PDCs (24 October); and the main conference (25-26 October).



The new draft Asbestos Regulations were released on 19 January 2018 and have been circulated to SAIOH members for review. The regulations are important and members are urged to make an effort to review them and provide comments or suggestions for changes. SAIOH will submit a joint response to the Department of Labour (DoL); to this end, SAIOH has a team of members who has offered to critique the document and content, and to formulate an official response on behalf of SAIOH, in conjunction with our sister organisation, the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh), and the Master Builders Association. Please forward your comments and inputs for inclusion in the document to, as soon as possible.



SAIOH members are reminded that they are required to submit their CPD points for 2017 and to ensure that their mandatory annual membership fees are paid, to remain in good standing and certified to practise in the field of occupational hygiene.

In my capacity as SAIOH President, I would like to end off by assuring our SAIOH membership that your Council members are working hard to serve your needs and we thank you for your continued support. Council also welcomes your inputs and ideas for improving SAIOH’s value-add for its members.

Keep safe and healthy.


Report by:

Julie Hills, SAIOH President 2018



Claudina Nogueira, SAIOH Council Member

Portfolios: Liaison and Communication & Marketing



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