Welcome to training with Momentum OCSA's Academy of Excellence

 OCSA is a name that is well known for quality and high standards, well respected for expert knowledge and well-loved because of our team’s commitment and integrity across the country. Very simply, The Academy of Excellence (AoE) is Momentum OCSA’s training division offering educational  solutions in workplace health, wellness and safety.


We know what we want

The AoE is all about progress with purpose. We want to reach and empower health professionals in South Africa through  distance and e-learning. But we don’t stop here – we do this on the African continent too. With over two decades of experience in education, and a highly qualified multi-disciplinary team of professionals to call upon, we are known for our capability to customise any learning experience. We strive to be innovative and dynamic, we are committed to excellence and we’re passionate about health and education. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a solution to our unique set of African health and safety challenges by using customised education and training products in occupational and primary wellness and occupational health and safety.


Locate your training – We get around!

Pre-scheduled training is offered at Momentum OCSA branches nationwide: Alberton, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Mpumalanga. In addition, training is facilitated for groups across the African continent in any location.


Going solo – Training for individuals

Our flagship course is the SANC approved Diploma in Occupational Health Nursing Science. Known for our standards of excellence, this course will prepare any learner for success in the occupational health arena because our lecturers are subject matter experts with loads of practical experience.

We also offer a variety of pre-scheduled standalone short courses and workshops, all of which are mapped against the most recent legislation, Unit Standards and guideline documents.


Bundling up – Training for large organisations

We offer “company bundles” where our clients can choose a number of tailored training sessions for the year, based on the specific needs of their organisation and healthcare professionals. These can be pre-scheduled at one of our nationwide branches or done on-site at the client’s premises. Contact Lindsay Zurba at lindsay@ocsa.co.za or 031 502 3256.


Home from home – Training for international learners

At the AoE we go the extra mile to support international learners. Ask about our all-inclusive International Learners Training Package, which enables each learner to experience peace of mind on a personal level and covers all ancillary arrangements. We believe this formula creates the best possible chance of  success in the academic arena for learners in possibly unfamiliar territory away from home.


Expanding all the time

Our portfolio of highly acclaimed Advanced Certificates are being updated and expanded continually. These long distance blended and e-learning courses in Primary Healthcare, Chronic Disease Management and Wellness are offered at all NQF levels, including Diploma level.

We enjoy interaction with the people who really count – the ones who are interested in our training – or those who have trained with us.  Please feel free to offer your suggestions for expanding our portfolio to suit your needs – your thoughts are most welcome.

African countries where OCSA courses are already facilitated

Final Word

As you can see, we are actively engaged in promoting and conducting several workshops and short courses at any one time. Diverse disciplines of health and safety are covered, each of which requires individual thought and attention.  Fortunately we are bold enough to say that this is an area we are particularly geared to provide and well able to supply. We have certainly worked hard for over 22 years to earn our reputation as a trusted market leader.


That said – we look forward to hosting you on a Momentum OCSA training course very soon!


Contact us at +27 (0)11 803 3538,
e-mail:marketing@ocsa.co.za; www.ocsa.co.za


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