Management software for the occupational health industry

 An advanced software solution that has been specifically designed on a flexible platform for managing an organisation’s occupational health requirements has been developed by Amtronix (Pty) Ltd. African Management Software (AMS) is designed to integrate audiometry, vision screening, spirometry and medical record-keeping into one flexible programme. The range of features includes patient/employee management, risk- based medical surveillance, fit-for-duty medical testing, computerised audiometry, spirometry and vision screening, reporting and business intelligence, fingerprint identification and verification, and electronic signatures. Added benefits include certificates of fitness for employees, printable on an A4 or plastic ID card.

A spokesperson for Drs Goosen, Staunton and Partners (GSP) had this to say: “GSP has witnessed the evolution in occupational health systems (audiometry, spirometry and vision testing) from the earliest developments to the current sophistication of the African Management Software (AMS) that we are currently using. The simplicity, reliability and integration offered by AMS enable an occupational health service to be run efficiently. The developer’s responsiveness to evolving requirements has also contributed to a system that meets the needs of discerning users as well as allowing them to remain compliant to regulatory demands.”

AMS is available in three different deployment options, depending on your needs and the size of your organisation:

1. AMS (Professional): on-premises deployment for a smaller organisation with one occupational health testing site

2. AMSe (Enterprise): data centre deployment for larger organisations, or organisations with multiple occupational health testing sites

3. AMSc (Cloud): cloud-based software solution suitable for any size of company, ranging from small organisations with a single occupational health testing site to large corporations with multiple testing sites and mobile units.

More than one thousand customers in Africa and across the globe (including large blue-chip companies and small businesses) benefit from a more efficient means of managing their occupational health processes and data.

The April 2017 release of African Management Software added a web portal to the product (Enterprise and Cloud). This now enables users to view all patient/employee data on any device from anywhere with a network connection. Other features include: attachments on medical exams, additional medical reports, support for a new audiometer (Resonance R07A), and a number of smaller enhancements and fixes.

Lonmin is a keen user of the AMS product: “In the capacity of an external health consultant at Lonmin Medical Services, I have dealt with Amtronix for over 10 years. In late 2016 we upgraded to the new Enterprise version of AMS and, as usual, the upgrade process, data transfer and user support were exceptional for all seven sites spread over three provinces. Both the support and development teams are always available and proactive with advice and improvements to the data platform, application layers and business processes. It has been a pleasure dealing with Amtronix.”


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